Juanita Herrell

“Clay makes me feel close to the earth; using liquid slip I cast, carve and paint with colored clay and glazes. I want the viewer to feel the earth and its colors.”

Born and raised on Beaver Creek in Douglas County, Missouri, Juanita Herrell started expressing herself through art as a young child. The importance of artistic expression has always been a central element in Herrell’s life. As an adult she continued to create pieces of art in her spare time, while simultaneously balancing her life as an entrepreneur in the Quad Cities, Illinois.

Herrell has traveled extensively studying art, and has been recognized by several professional art associations for her unique ceramic pieces. Herrell has won many top honors, including Professional Best of Show nine times, and she is a recognized ceramic teacher by the National Association of Ceramics. Her ceramic carvings have been commercially produced as molds, and her unique techniques have been featured in several ceramic magazines.

Herrell returned to her Missouri farm upon retirement and now focuses solely on her passion, using nature as her inspiration. Her studio overlooks a waterfall and land where wildlife roams freely.


"Revelations: Tree of Life"
Original Mosaic - $20,000



Juanita Herrell Mosaic Art Seven Days of Creation

Juanita Herrell with "The Seven Days of Creation"
Panels 1 and 7
Original Mosaic - SOLD
Prints Available

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Juanita Herrell Mosaic Art Promise

"The Promise"
Original Mosaic - $12,000
Prints Available
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